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Full-time college Student who would love to smile at Graduation

Louise started this conversation

I am a 22 year old full-time college student in New York, and will be graduating in May. The problem is I am uninsured and cannot afford dental work that would enable me to speak to others much less smile at graduation. I have been on medicaid in the past a had dental work done, but it has just exacerbated the problem. One dentist did a root canal and then just stuck Temperin in the space, needless to say it did not last long and now the front tooth has broken. I have tried financing options but do not have the credit necessary to secure plans like care credit, captial one. I need extensive dental work, but would be happy with just the front tooth fixed. My mother and sister also struggle with dental problems, and have encountered the same problems I have. My hope by posting this plea is to find a dentist or someone to help my family and me get the dental care we desparately need. We have worked hard, but this is one expense we cannot take on by ourselves. Any assistance that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.

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 in response to truly unique...   

Reply to truly unique---I assume your son is on medicaid. I don't know what state your in but normally the state will help with daycare if you can get a job, it may not have to be full time work but thousands of women hold down full and part time jobs and go to school at the same time. If you want an education you are going to have to do what you need to to get it. If the state said they will help you with daycare I suggest you get out there and find any job your qualified to do and work your school hours around your job and son. There is no magic pill that is going make it all nice and easy for you to get an education. Be thankful the state said they would if you work. You have two choices as I see it, either find a job and continue your education or quit school and find a job to survive. You can do it, if you want it bad enough. Goodluck  Sincerely sheshe030

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truly unique

does anyone have advice for child care i am a full time student n the state will not help me pay 4 it. even though i have a disabled son...they stated they would if i got a job too....there's 24 hrs in a day!!! how would i b able to take care of everything....single mom no court ordered child support is being paid.

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 in response to Sarah3...   

Hi Sarah,

I know I'm responding to a very old post, but with Ameriplan's Dental Plus program, you only pay $14.95 a month for an individual ($19.95 a month for an entire household of up to 20 people, need not be related).  You'll get up to 80% discount on all dental services when you go to a network provider.  You can get the work you need for a significantly lower price this way.

It's your choice whether you want to check it out or not but thought I would just let you know about this particular option. 


Good luck in whatever you choose!

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Makayla Martin

I was in a similar situation until I found My Powermall.  It is free to join and if you work at it, it will help pay the bills.  Check it out


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Hi Louise, I hope your graduation went well and you found the help you were looking for. I am also in college and in need of major dental help. Please let me know if you have any advice. Thanks!

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